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Our five favourites from Michael Che

Get pumped for Saturday Night Live star Michael Che's Oz tour with a roundup of his most hilarious moments.

Not only is Michael Che hilarious on Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live but he’s also the co-head writer for the show along with Colin Jost. When you’re a head writer on a show that brought us so many of our favourite comedians, from Bill Murray to Tina Fey, you’ve already won us over. If you need more reasons to head to the Comedy Theatre Melbourne or the Tivoli in Brisbane to catch his stand-up though then check out our top Michael Che moments below.

Paying back Tommy Hilfiger | Jimmy Fallon

Michael Che on Jimmy Fallon is probably one of the greatest things ever. Talking about his past life as a t-shirt designer, meeting Tommy Hilfiger and the first time he heard the word fro-yo.

Rejected sketches | Late Night with Seth Meyers

Che and his co-head writer Colin Jost on Late Night with Seth Meyers talk all their rejected SNL sketches. The only thing funnier than an SNL sketch is a rejected SNL sketch.

Gentrification in NYC | MTV

The gentrification of NYC is rampant and native Lower East Sider Michael Che is on site to chat to locals and balk at the hipster updates made to his neighbourhood. Favourite line? ‘who would do that to a cookie’ I feel ya, stop ruining delicious food Matcha lovers!

Just for Laughs | 2013

Che’s stand up is always a little controversial but loving his take on bacon and “thoughtful racists”.

Michael Che Matters | Netflix Special

In this Netflix special Che’s political infused comedy is so on point. Hilarious but important.

Michael Che is a really innovative voice in comedy so if you want a hilarious night out that will leave you chortling, knee-slapping but also thinking make sure to grab your tickets. This April in Melbourne and Brisbane.

Michael Che

Michael Che

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