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This is why you need to visit Dialogue in the Dark

Find out how this unique exhibition is shaking up Melbourne...

Dialogue in the Dark has been introducing hundreds of people to a new world of the unknown since making its Australian debut earlier this year.

Nestled in the heart of Melbourne’s Docklands, this unique exhibition shows visitors what it’s really like to live without the comfort of sight.

There isn’t a single drop of light throughout the entire exhibition, which sees visitors tackle a unique journey across various recreations of well-known Melbourne landmarks.

Rave reviews have called the exhibition a ‘sensory overload’, a ‘must-see’ and ‘a once in a lifetime journey’, but now we want to know what you think.

Challenge diversity

Dialogue in the Dark is helping society to overcome false stereotypes of those people who live without sight every day.

Even by immersing yourself in this unique experience means you are helping to raise awareness of diversity and inclusion for those who are visually impaired.

Test your trust

Ready to put your relationship to the test? Venturing into the darkness with a friend or loved one will show you immediately how well you communicate and support each other.

You’ll be left to rely on your other four senses as you navigate the city landscape inside Dialogue in the Dark, and you’ll come to rely on your voice more than ever.

Guests will be led by guides who are blind or have low vision, helping you to see the world just as they do.

Team workshops

Dialogue in the Dark offers schools and businesses the chance to take part in amazing corporate workshops.

These transformation learning experiences help teams to improve their communication and support skills, as well as lending itself perfectly to leadership training and wider team building.

Together you’ll learn how to identify the world through your remaining senses, enabling you to see from a new perspective.

Book with a full group of 10 or more people and save.

Dialogue In The Dark

Harbour Town Melbourne

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