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Madiba The Musical – Nelson Mandela in Song

The father of a nation is brought to life in this triumphant new musical, booking for Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra.

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.”Nelson Mandela

Why a Musical?

The creators of Madiba – The Musical have said that “there are no languages that are more universal than music and dancing to reconcile nations, cultures, religions and generations”, so what better way to represent the life of Nelson Mandela, a man dedicated to the reconciliation of his homeland and the pursuit of peace, than through those very mediums.

Combining African dance with vocal traditions, alongside eternal love songs and stirring anthems, Madiba – The Musical pays tribute to Mandela’s life work as a lawyer and activist through the story of a young artist named Will, who becomes the victim of Apartheid in South Africa.

The epic show pays tribute to the charismatic icon and activist for peace, whilst simultaneously exploring the struggles, racial conflicts, and divisions behind his unyielding crusade for reconciliation in South Africa.

This year will mark 100 years since the birth of Nelson Mandela and in this time we have seen significant changes in the world due to his influence and vision. In his 95 years, Mandela served 27 years in prison, brought through the end of Apartheid, became the first black president of South Africa in a fully representative democratic election and has received more than 250 honors, including the Nobel Peace Prize.

Showing this October and November

The Australian production of Madiba – The Musical will mark the first English Language production of the show, bringing this touching and triumphant production to a whole new set of audiences.

Tickets are now on sale for Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra performances, via All Aussie seasons are strictly limited, so make sure to book in advance so as not to miss out.

Madiba The Musical

  • Comedy Theatre, Melbourne
  • State Theatre, Sydney
  • Canberra Theatre Centre, Canberra

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