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Judith Lucy & Denise Scott prepare to be disappointed

What could comedic duo Judith and Denise possibly have to complain out? Find out at MICF 2018.

You’d be forgiven for thinking Australia’s comedic legends Judith Lucy and Denise Scott have life all worked out. 

In their own words (or at least those penned for their show bio), the much-adored duo ‘love their bodies, their careers, the people they have chosen to be surrounded by and they love who they are, the women that they have become’.

In reality, however, the hilarious pair are preparing to share some serious home truths at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival, as they bring their Disappointments show back for another round.

We caught up with Judith and Denise to see what’s still inspiring their Disappointments set ahead of MICF 2018.

Judith Lucy & Denise Scott at the launch of MICF 2017

What’s been inspiring you and your material for your upcoming set at MICF 2018?

Judith: “I think unemployment and the need for money continue to be the biggest inspirations for Scotty and I.  Although, we’re both blessed in that our lives also continue to be very disappointing.  Recently, a man in a bottle shop asked me if I were still in showbiz.  It was a smart move on his part, I bought a lot more alcohol than I’d originally planned.”

What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you recently that won’t make it into the set. 

Denise: “Anything that happens to us – funny,  or better still , tragic – makes into the set because between us, we do not have the imagination to make anything up.”

If you could only tell jokes about one topic, what would it be?  

Judith: “I’m going to say that we both already do that.  For Scotty, I believe it’s arthritis, and for me it’s my arse.  To be more specific, I talk about what ails my arse, my next solo show is simply going to be called, COLON!”

What is the one joke you wish you’d written?

Denise: “Jerry Seinfeld’s entire opening monologue about the stress the audience has been through just to get to his show – pure genius. Then again Seinfeld’s probably  kicking himself he didn’t write/create what we do in our finale.”

Is MICF really all coffee runs and late nights, or do you manage to explore the city?

Judith: “We live here so it’s actually just about going home and drinking alone.”

What’s the one bit of advice you wish you’d been given earlier in your career?

Judith: “Why don’t you become a bee keeper?”

Judith Lucy & Denise Scott at the launch of MICF 2017

Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2018 takes place between 28 March – 22 April 2018.

Catch Judith Lucy and Denise Scott performing Disappointments on selected days between 7 – 22 April at Comedy Theatre, Melbourne.

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