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A dedicated workshop for straight-talking money tips

Money For Life is a complete, no nonsense workshop teaching the tricks to financial freedom.

Money For Life is a one-day workshop designed for those in need of some no nonsense financial advice. 

The event is run by credible professionals who have not only achieved ‘financial freedom’ but are ready to share their ways and workings with those wishing to do just the same.

Speakers at Money For Life include Stephen Koukoulas, Pete Wargent, Melissa Browne, David Novac and Chris Bates.

The course is structured like so:

• How to take control of your finances.

• How to get your money to work for you using compound growth to generate wealth.

• How to become a long-term successful share market investor.

• Create substantial and lasting wealth through real estate.

“What Money for Life does guarantee is a powerful introduction and the fundamentals of how to achieve your financial, wealth, and life goals,” explain event organisers.

Money For Life takes place at Wesley Conference Centre, Sydney on Saturday 7 October .

Early bird tickets are on sale now, helping you to save over $50 (fees apply) per ticket. 

Money For Life

One-day workshop

  • Wesley Conference Centre, Sydney

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