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Go behind the scenes at Vigil rehearsals

Aussie star, Christie Whelan Browne, prepares for Vigil's Arts Centre Melbourne opening.

An Australian stage and TV star, Christie Whelan Browne, will play the lead in Vigil when it opens at Arts Centre Melbourne next month.

A mesmerising and heartfelt production, Vigil is a mother/daughter tale that promises to strike a chord with audiences.

Set on Christmas Eve, Christie’s character, Liz, is far from your average doting daughter. The 30-something returns abruptly from travelling to find her mother in a care home. Liz is talented, shameless, beautiful, troubled and hilariously needy, and it shows. What’s more, this time, she want answers too.

For lovers of Australian theatre, dazzling stage shows, humour and honest drama.

Vigil will be on stage at Arts Centre Melbourne between 4 – 8 July. Tickets are on sale now.


Arts Centre Melbourne - Open 4 - 8 July

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