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Avengers assemble – Marvel is taking over

Marvel Stadium is much more than a name, with your favourite superheroes completely taking over the Stadium.

Have you checked out Marvel Stadium lately?

Your favourite Marvel characters have taken over the Stadium.

From Thor’s Hammer to the Spider-Man Climbing Wall, the kids (of all ages – there’s no age limit here) will love interacting with their favourite superheroes. So, what can you expect to see?

Thor’s Hammer

Mjolnir, the Hammer of Thor has crashed into the concourse of Marvel Stadium with a giant installation standing five metres high.

Where: Gate 5

Spider-Man Climbing Wall

A Spider-Man inspired climbing wall reaches 16m high – perfect for training your spidey senses.

Where: Gate 4

Social media photo-booth

You can make your mark at Marvel Stadium with a free photo, GIF or boomerang.

Where: Gate 3

Marvel Vault

This is Melbourne’s exclusive Marvel retail space, making for the perfect place to grab everything Marvel that you could ever want.

Where: Gate 2

Captain Marvel Mural

A mural dedicated to the great Captain Marvel.

Where: Gate 4

Ceiling Portal

Come and see the New York skyline portal

Where: Gate 3

Lifesize Marvel Height Chart

How do you measure up against Marvel’s mightiest heroes?

Where: Gate 3

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