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AFLX excitement building – rules and jumpers announced

The revamped AFLX is just three weeks away, with the 2019 rules and jumpers now revealed.

With AFLX just three weeks away, excitement is building for the revamped concept.

Marvel Stadium will play host to four new ‘Superhero’ teams on Friday 22 February, with the four captains drafting in their sides tonight (6 February). Eddie Betts (Deadly), Jack Riewoldt (Rampage), Patrick Dangerfield (Bolts) and Nat Fyfe (Flyers) will lead their sides out, with each team playing off on the night before it all concludes with a Grand Final.


Each side will field eight players: one midfielder, two wingers, one ruckman, two defenders, and two forwards, with six players on the bench.
The playing field will be 110 metres long by 70m wide, including a forward zone at each end (15 metres deep), and a ‘launch’ zone in the centre (10 metres deep).

Each half will be just ten minutes, with no time added.
Any goals scored from within or behind the launch zone will be worth 10 points as a ‘Supergoal’, at which point the ball will return to the middle to restart play. A Supergoal can also be scored with a ball kicked from within or behind the launch zone and marked in the forward zone and then goaled. A deliberate rushed behind will yield one point against, in addition to a free set shot to the opposition.
Any kicks backwards (except in the forward zone) will be play on, as well as the ability to play on straight away once the ball travels out of bounds. Players are also given a little more freedom with the ability to now run 20 metres without bouncing. The 50-metre umpire penalty will be reduced to 25 metres given the reduced field size.
Players will have just ten seconds to take their set shots.
None of the teams will have coaches either, with the Captains taking the reigns and supported by high-performance staff.

Gatorade Game Changer

The Gatorade Game Changer will appear for the first time in 2019. For the last five minutes of a game, teams are able to nominate one player, and any score from that player will be worth double points. This means that one player can score as many as 20 points with one kick, given a 10 point Supergoal can be doubled in the final five minutes.
Matches will pause for 30 seconds once the Game Changer has been selected to allow them to get into position.

The jumpers to be used in AFLX have been revealed. Bolts (top left), Deadly (top right), Flyers (bottom left) and Rampage (bottom right)

AFLX will take place at Marvel Stadium, Melbourne on Friday 22 February. Tickets can be found now at

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