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TicketWeb Session: Ryan Downey – Love Me, My Meal

Prepare to be amazed. Melbourne musician, Ryan Downey, performs exclusively for TicketWeb.

Ryan Downey is easily one of Melbourne’s most unique new talents, captivating audiences with his modern take on a classic crooner sound. 

Needless to say, we were thrilled when Ryan won an exclusive TicketWeb Session, up for grabs as part of Music Victoria‘s Membership Drive.

We joined Ryan and his band during a recent soundcheck to capture their stunning performance of ‘Love Me, My Meal’, the result of which, is this spine-tingling TicketWeb Session.

Love Ryan Downey’s brooding live sound? Head over to his Official Facebook page to find out about upcoming gigs and latest releases via Barely Dressed Records and Remote Control.

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Ryan Downey and his band

Photo: Jay Wennington

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