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Our monthly hotlist for November

Our new music army bring you the hottest tracks from new acts on the scene

Our monthly recommendations for new music have had a bit of a refresh and we are beyond excited about our hotlist of fresh acts to watch coming your  way.

My Hands by Running Touch

A face behind the name, Running Touch defies the norms of genres and explores the world of electronic dance music with a dash of indie pop in his live set. The gifted producer and songwriter dazzled the crowd with his signature eye makeup, flightless energy and enthusiasm onstage. Almost magician like – Running Touch almost slips into a mysterious enigmatic character and is captivating to watch as he drifts between piano, launch pads, vocals and guitar. My personal favorites (at the risk of listing his entire discography) were What’s Best For You, Courtesy Of, Lovely and the truly unforgettable rendition of My Hands featuring Ocean Grove and a full ski mask. A unique live set by all traits, he is certainly one to watch. Vanessa

Why Won’t You Love Me by Edward R

Gone is the stripped-back folk of Wolves and the Water, Edward R is back and I am more than here for it. Why Won’t You Love Me brings together the best bits of artists like Tranquility Base era-Artic Monkeys and Tame Impala, wrapped in ‘70s suave to create five minutes of washed out, dreamy, psychedelic pop-rock. Gloria

Love For Me by Coda Conduct

Literally obsessed with this sassy hiphop duo and I’m struggling to work out why they’re not huge yet. This catchy number is the latest single from Coda Conduct and I’m hoping this means an album from these two soon. Sian

Pastel Blues’ by The Attics.

Pastel Blues is the playful new feel good song from Melbourne band The Attics. With an addictive beat and wistful lyrics it’s easy to see why The Attics have been receiving a myriad of compliments for this uplifting new tune.  Ruby

Estranged by Stevie Jean

Stevie Jean’s killer twangy-belty vocals coupled with a ridiculously catchy chorus is a stand-out track this month. A captivating blend of rock and roots, Stevie Jean is a one-to-watch. Rebekah

Sauce by Ellie Mai

From her debut album (which is 10/10 and has some baby making vibes), Sauce is the best type of RnB Pop. Catchy and smooth. Ella has a voice that you can just keep listening to and at 23 that’s pretty cool. Taliah

Heart by Denise Le Menice

Shiny and sweet without being sickly, Heart paints a delicately fuzzy psych-pop picture built around one of the grooviest guitar melodies I’ve heard in a while. Dreamy vocal harmonies and lyrics that you can singalong to before the first play is over, I’m having a sugar rush. Gloria

Breath Again by Via featuring Hui

Via released her first single recently and it’s absolutely beautiful. Brenton

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