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New music recommendations for May

Discover your new favourite track today, and get our May playlist on repeat 🎧

We’ve created a shiny new playlist to help you discover new music every month.

It couldn’t be easier; each month we’ll be posting a new playlist curated by Ticketmaster staff sharing their favourite discoveries from all genres.

From indie rock and heavy metal to electro pop and folk; if it’s new and exciting, it’ll be right here for you to discover.

So whether you’re in the office, in the gym or chilling at home, plug in those headphones and get to know these new artists.

Why we’re loving these new tracks:

Steady Hazin’, 30/70 

I came across an EP from Melbourne group, 30/70, a few months ago and have been loving its versatility. My standout track is Steady Hazin’. Brass lines get me every time. Similar sounds are artists such as Hiatus Kaiyote and Tuxedo. Nat


I’m not sure why, maybe it’s the OG boy band vibe but it’s a bloody tune. No one does catchy like KPOP. Taliah

Sober, Mahalia

Featured on the notoriously diverse, Germany based, music channel ‘Colours’, Mahalia brings her enchanting vocals and calming beat on her track ‘Sober’. An up and coming UK singer, Mahalia sings about all things breakups and makeups. Creating a sultry energy, this is one to vibe to. Shaideigh

Suburbia, Press Club

It’s like taking a step back in time to when The Superjesus and Magic Dirt roamed Aussie airwaves. Lead vocalist, Nat, is one of the most energetic lead singers you will see live, so grab a gig guide and see where they’re playing next! Anthony

Undercover of My Skin, Benny Walker

This guy is a GUN. I’ve been going to Benny’s gigs for a while now and was lucky enough to have him perform in my lounge room last year (yes really!). Brilliant voice aside, lovely person, amazing new track. Katie

Vestigal Tail, Enola Fall

Hailing from Tasmania, and now residing in Los Angeles, Enola Fall have just released their third single Vestigal Tail from their forthcoming album Bloodhound. Critics have called this track ‘a dream-like, soul searching journey’, and ‘achingly beautiful, and the choruses are soaring, anthemic’. The video that accompanies the track is very David Lynch-esque and was created in collaboration with German filmmakers Elementree. Fiona

Without You, Luboku

Without You is the slow-burning new single from Melbourne-based producer/songwriter, Luboku. With a knack for crafting dark, brooding tracks that are seemingly both uplifting and melancholic at the same time, this newest instalment from the young musician is bold, grating and full of tension. Triple j’s Zan Rowe commented that “this song makes me feel like I’m being swept up onto a cloud of fluffy first love.” It’s vibrant and delicious, reminiscent to Caribou or Jon Hopkins. Brandon 

Teenage Fantasy, Jorja Smith

This lady is definitely one to watch. She’s one of the most original solo female sounds I’ve heard since Amy Winehouse. Very excited for Smith’s album in June. Sian

Dazed & Confused, Ruel

This track is at the top of our office playlist and we can’t get enough of it. I’m excited to see what this guy will do next as he’s already the talk of new music in Aus. Kane

Ten Leaf Clover, Slowly Slowly

Bursting with beautiful metaphors, vivid connotations and dynamic musicianship, Slowly Slowly’s second album, St. Leonards, is equal parts colourful and delicate, For me, Ten Leaf Clover, is one of the record’s natural climaxes, littered with glittering guitars and steered by Ben Stewart’s signature vocals. If bands like Citizen and Balance And Composure turn you to mush, then you’ll love this Melbourne quartet. Jess

Don’t forget to let us know your favourite track from the playlist! We’ll see you back here for more new music recommendations in June. 

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