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New music recommendations for July

This month's a good'un

It’s our favourite time of the month, when Ticketmaster’s biggest advocates of new music, from all across Australia, come together to recommend some hot new tracks.

We’re loving this month’s new music playlist so crank up that volume and get listening.

Why we’re loving these new tunes. 
Can’t Figure It Out by Slum Sociable

I’ve been listening to this track on repeat since it was released. With a tinge of Thom Yorke vocals in the verses, but with an electro twist, the hooks and timbre make it an exciting track. I can’t wait to see what they do with it live!  Rebekah

Solace by Dream State

Just the right amount of heavy and harmony. Hints of Paramore, mixed with Bring Me The Horizon, these UK rockers were picked up by Aussie label UNFD last year and are definitely on the up. Ollie

Another Lifetime by Nao

I fell in a deep love with Nao just before seeing her set at the 2017 Laneway Festival. The event fell on my birthday and it’s been a favourite memory ever since. She’s never disappointed me. Natalie

Talking Straight by Rolling Blackouts Coastal  Fever

I saw these guys at their album launch the other week and I’m now a fully converted fan. This track is so catchy and, even more so, it’s just a really good indie rock song. The band are totally in sync with genuine lyrics. Can’t wait to see what’s to come from this lot. Sian

Happy Without Me by Chole x Halle

A sister duo that just released their first album. Real Smooth RnB feels. Taliah

Friends With Feelings by Alice Skye

Currently touring the country with Emily Wurramara, Wergaia singer-songwriter Alice Skye has been a formidable force since the release of her debut album, Friends With Feelings, early this year. Pete

Sex Beast by Horace Bones

If you’re looking for something a bit less espresso martini, and a bit more Melbourne bitter, then this slice of gothic garage rock is for you. It’s dark, it’s fast and it’s weird, and has been on high rotation for a while now.  Ollie

Confess by Jack River

Aussie Jack River’s album, Sugar Mountain, is full of catchy pop TUNES. I couldn’t figure out which song I liked the most off it but then I read that Confess reminded someone of Teenage Dirtbag, and then it reminded me of Teenage Dirtbag, and then it was my favourite. Listen for yourself. Kane

Car Ride by Alexander Biggs

Alexander makes me want to curl up into a ball in front of the fire with my partner and dog, while sipping on a cup-a-soup and watching the rain outside. Antony

Listerine by Wing Defence

This slice of indie pop from this Adelaide duo is addictive a.f. and I’m looking forward to hearing more. Ollie

Swell by imbi the girl

A mix of hip-hop and electronica, with great lyrics to boot. Imbi The Girls first single of 2018 is a must listen for anyone who appreciates the lyrics and meaning behind a song – if you do I think you’ll find Swell pretty, well, swell.  Kane

Never Be Apart by TEEKS

Dipped in old school soul and laced with smooth new school flavour, TEEKS brings together the perfect balance with vocals that instantly captivate you. New to the music game, he is breaking all expectations of a new young artist with his original sound and archaic persona. With today’s mainstream music being made up of repetitive lyrics and a blaring beat, TEEKS is a breath of fresh air with his track, Never Be Apart. This song speaks to so many. The sound is raw and lyrics are emotive, to a point where you feel yourself living through the music. Shaideigh

Salvation by Tash Sultana

Tash Sultana is back and more polished than ever! This is the first track off forthcoming album, Flow State, and bodes well a little taster for the full meal. Tash is one of Australia’s the world’s great talents, so let’s just hope they don’t lose what made them great by applying too much polish. Antony

Molotov by Kira Puru

Kira is a Melbourne based artist that has a really interesting music style. Catchy beats and easy listening tunes. She’s playing at Listen Out this year, definitely one to watch.  Taliah

Tendencies by Pemberton

Emo never really died with My Chemical Romance, instead it flourished through post-hardcore bands like Touché Amoré and Basement, and gave edge to the indie twangs of Tigers Jaw and Joyce Manor. Now, Adelaide’s Pemberton are reclaiming the sound with a distinctive Aussie touch. Tendencies is the first sound of their debut full-length, which they’ve recorded with Ben David of The Hard Aches. Irresistibly delightful. Jess 

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