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New Music: Luboku

We're shining a spotlight on the best new Australian artists set to dominate 2019. Our handpicked BREAK OUT stars are the best, buzzworthy up and comers we're certain you need to meet. Welcome Melbourne electronic producer/songwriter Luboku.

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Since 2014, Melbourne producer and singer-songwriter Luis Kennett AKA Luboku has been carving out his own brand of left-field techno. He initially grabbed attention with his debut collaborative work in 2014, an EP titled At Dawn with NZ-based artist Hosaia, but it wasn’t until his debut solo single The Surface that Luboku really showcased just what he could do.

A trio of singles in 2018 – his take on house music in Without You, the tender, hushed None Of You, and soft, layered melodies of 50 Days – displayed the beginnings of Luboku’s versatile body of work, leading to him supporting Willaris K, What So Not, and French producer Petit Biscuit around the country. His debut solo EP, also titled The Surface continued his rise – blending elements of pop, electronic, and R&B soundscapes throughout.

He’s pulled comparisons to everyone from Willaris K to Jon Hopkins, Bonobo to James Blake and now after completing his first ever Australian headline tour, and with the promise of more music to come this year, we’re predicting big things for Luboku in 2019. Let’s get acquainted.

The Story

From the beginning

“I started writing and producing music when I was studying at university. Initially, it was just something I did for fun but at some point, I realised I was spending about 90% of my time on it (not my classwork) so I took a turn and decided to let go – focus on it fully and pursue it seriously.”

What you’ll hear

“My sound is non-musical, musical sounds. That’s a mouthful.”

Influences & inspiration

“More often than not I find my inspiration comes from hearing or listening to an interesting sound. Whether it’s the sounds themselves or a combination of them together in a particular order, sequence, or layering, I start creating something with them that ends up resembling music.”

For the love of music

“Sometimes writing music is 90% frustration and 10% elation. I’m always trying to stay in the elation phase of creating – it’s that first moment when you come across an idea that gives so much satisfaction. There’s a particular feeling I get when I land on something I’ve created that feels authentic and fresh. It’s probably the most incredible moment and one of the best things about writing.”

Kicking goals

“2018. It was a year of some serious first. First live video I created, first EP release, backed up by my first ever recording deal, first run of interstate gigs. Not to mention, the first time I’d played a theatre stage. Opening for What So Not at The Forum in Melbourne was such a special moment for me – it’s such an iconic stage and supporting an artist I’ve listened to for years was so hectic.”

The hard yards

“I think the biggest challenge is staying focused on what you love doing in music, which in my case is writing. It’s easy to spend time doing so many things that are contributing to your music without writing, but I’d prefer to be writing more and doing less of everything else.”

The year ahead

In 2019 I’ll be bunkering down in the studio working on my next body of work – I’m really excited about getting back into creating. I’m keen to get down all the new ideas I’ve been coming up with here and there. Fingers crossed we’ll see more of that material come out in 2019.”

Essential Listening

Luboku – The Surface 

He’s said this is his favourite track off his debut EP (it’s also the title track). It’s a comment on the more negative aspects of social media.

Luboku – 50 Days

After burning through four different version of this song, it was the honest, grittiness of one of the first drafts that really stuck with Luboku – and that’s the version we all get to hear.

Luboku – Without You

After starting this track in mid-2017 and abandoning it after a few hours, a revisit and some fresh inspiration a month later saw Luboku smash out this gem in about five hours.

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