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Ticketmaster’s Fresh Scoop: the best new music (01/04)

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Album of the week

The Maine – You Are Ok

Across 12 years and nine records, Arizona five-piece The Maine have tried on many different styles for size. From the bubblegum pop-punk of their early EPs and debut album Can’t Stop Won’t Stop to the alt-rock twang of 2011’s Pioneer or the dark and brooding Forever Halloween, but it’s their latest album You Are Ok that is by far their most ambitious. Fully embracing the pop elements of their pop-rock sound, the band never stop pushing the boundaries of the genre – whether they’re adding in layers of strings or bouncing between huge, My Chemical Romance-esque anthems and deeply personal, stripped back ballads, this album might just be the most realised and cohesive collection of music The Maine has ever written. I’ve seen You Are Ok described as ‘Emo for Grown Ups’ and that’s a pretty apt summary.

Singles of the week

Arno Faraji – Scalin’

It’s been an absolutely huge couple of years for Perth rapper and producer Arno Faraji. After taking out triple j Unearthed High’s 2017 competition, he’s gone on to drop some huge singles and lock in tours with some of our faves including Tkay Maidza, Kwame, and Cosmo’s Midnight. Rocketing into 2019, his latest single Scalin’ – a team up with producer Milan Ring – is his best yet. With it’s funky, tropical beat, Faraji sounds relaxed and effortless which only adds to the reggae-tinge we’re picking up on. Australian hip hop sure has a bright future.

Billie Eilish – bad guy

Since it dropped last Friday, it’s been pretty hard to escape Billie Eilish’s new album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? and the best part is, even though ever single was top notch, Eilish definitely saved the biggest bangers for the record. Our top pick has to be bad guy. From its slinky, almost-spoken vocal to its woozy, hypnotic bassline – if you’re not quite ready to deep dive into the full record, skip ahead to this track. It’s hard to pin down exactly what Billie Eilish’s sound is, but the fact that she already does it all so well is enough for us to board the hype train.

Fortunes. – Disc Read Error

Fortunes. have never been a band to do things by halves, so of course after two years of silence, the Melbourne-by-way-of-New-Zealand duo surprise dropped an EP on us. For fans, the record is everything we love about Fortunes – soaring, flawless vocals, catchy hooks, and beats readymade for booty shaking are delivered in the bucketloads, but what’s most exciting is that the newly initiated are going to find a lot to love here. The title track, Disc Read Error, is the perfect entry point to Fortunes.’ sound – from its slick groove to its catchy hook, you’ll be hitting repeat in no time. Fortunes. are back and their confident, left-field take on woozy, pop-led-electro-laced, future R&B will have them winning new fans for sure.

Middle Kids – Real Thing

Lost Friends was one of the best releases of 2018, and now Middle Kids have given us a fresh taste of what is coming next – a mini-album they’re calling New Songs For Old Problems. Real Thing is far off the sound we’ve already come to love from Middle Kids – Hannah’s vocal is divine, the songwriting is sharp, and the band are as tight as ever – but clearly, their intense tour schedule has added something extra to their sound. From the added vulnerability drenching Hannah’s lyrics, to the playful intersection of guitar and strings, we can’t wait to hear what else comes on the record.

Phoebe Green – Dreaming Of

Manchester-based singer-songwriter Phoebe Green is an absolute dream, and she has us completely wrapped in her spell on new single Dreaming Of. The synth-filled indie-pop bop might sound sugary sweet on first appearance, but take a listen to the lyrics and you’ll find some bite just below the surface. It’s her first new material since she self-released her 2016 album 02:00am, and were hoping we don’t have to wait too long for the next taste because we are hooked.

Sly Withers – Sad Guy

Hey Sly, where have you been all our lives? We’re clearly a little late to the party here, but we’re pretty stoked to finally turn up. The Perth indie-punk band are set for a national takeover, and with songs this good everyone should get on board. Starting out as a tender, slacker-rock ballad, Sad Guy grows into an absolute power-rock anthem chock full of lines ready to be sung by huge festival crowds and chunky guitar riffs rife for some grooving to.

The Veronicas – Think Of Me

We find it hard to believe that there is anyone out there who doesn’t already love Australia’s actual queens of pop, but if you haven’t joined the team yet, wrap your ears around The Veronicas’ new single Think Of Me. After an almost two-year-long hiatus, the gals are back, and in perfect style, they’re returned with an absolute pop earworm. A powerful break-up song, the pair effortlessly bounce through verses and choruses packed with lyrics that don’t try and hide any meaning. This is The Veronicas at their uncensored, gloriously anthemic, no-holds-barred best – so while you hit play, we’ll be over here bowing down to our pop queens.

Wilsn – Home

It was the homesickness spurred on by two years living in Nashville that inspired Melbourne pop-soul artist Wilsn’s latest single Home. From the gorgeous keys that open the track to Wilsn’s warm vocal, we’re trying to figure out how a song that’s drenched in melancholy can sound so comforting. This is one heck of a vocal performance, Wilsn is a soul-filled queen.

Yonaka – Lose Our Heads

Mark our words, Yonaka’s debut album Don’t Wait ‘Til Tomorrow is going to be a contender for Album of the Year – we’re certain of it. Lose Our Heads is the latest taste, and the combination of killer pop hooks and mammoth riffs is getting us excited for what’s to come on the album. Whether they’re leaning into their pop slant (like they are here) or playing to their rock side (like on previous single Bad Company), Yonaka definitely mean business. They’ve already been slanted as one of Britain’s next big rock bands, but with the quality they’re already throwing down we reckon they’ll be taking on the world pretty soon.

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