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Get to know Ziggy Alberts

Byron Bay via Sunshine Coast surf-folk artist Ziggy Alberts is preparing to take his new album 'Laps Around The Sun' on the road next February. Before that, we sat down with him to find out everything there is to know about the man himself.

Ziggy Alberts grew up busking on the Sunshine Coast before he began taking national stages by storm. Now with his third album Laps Around The Sun ready to be heard, and a national tour coming fast, we sat down with the man himself to find out about his inspiration, stories from the road, environmental activism, and much more.

The album: Laps Around The Sun

“It’s an album to fall in love with and take with you everywhere. It’s crazy how Land&Sea is still adored by people all around the world four years on – fans can expect this to be another album full of singalongs, but with some new genre directions and changes in rhythm. I think this album will really complement as a follow-up to Land&Sea.

“I hope fans are inspired to love each other and themselves for where they are at. Not to disvalue their situations, even when it’s tough. To connect and reconnect with the planet, be hopeful and active instead of dissonant. To go out and adventure.”

The importance of storytelling

“I find a lot of inspiration from travelling. Not actually from all the pretty, easy times, but from the challenges. Being a musician, touring the world can be quite challenging, but it creates a lot of resilience and a great perspective.

“For me, storytelling is everything. I’m a big believer that when you write a song you should mean what you say. To write about things you care for and values you care about. That’s why I think people connect to my music, because it’s sincere.”

Tales from behind the scenes

“I wrote Stronger in Tasmania, on this beautiful veranda. It was this amazing afternoon through to evening, and I finished the song in those hours. Going to bed, one of the boys had gone to the van downstairs, and the sliding door was wide open, which was strange. Then as I was going to bed, the bathroom window was open. I get the courage to peek out and there’s a two-storey ladder leading up to the window. It’s late, I’m tired, and evidently freak out. Next thing you know the whole tour team has various makeshift weapons and we spend the next several hours running through the bushes chasing somebody who was probably never there in the first place. True story.

“The second story is from recording Worn Out. We decided to record it out on the steps of the chapel; it was a beautiful blue day and Garrett Kato got really inspired so we pulled the microphone outside and went for it. As I started a vocal take, these kookaburras started singing; kids screaming and laughing, a motorbike taking off. I looked over at the guys and knew straight away, before even starting to sing, that this was the vocal take. We used the whole thing start to finish. Those moments are what’s valuable about taking chances on makeshift recording spaces.”

For the love of music

“What I love most about creating music is unity. You can bring people together, of all different walks of life, to share singalongs and dancing. We all get to be present together, and that’s special. You can open people’s hearts and minds to issue and address them in a proactive way. I think these, above things over the years, keep getting more important to me.”

Think green

“Everyone can do their part [for the environment], and it’s actually individuals taking action and being passionate that makes a difference. I think people might believe that unless they have a crazy amount of Instagram followers that they can’t make a difference – that’s bullshit. Everyone can take action and that has a positive impact. I have this crazy reach of people who are willing to listen, and that’s one of the hardest things to attain when addressing important environmental issues. This is a small thing I can do to contribute. We need a healthy planet physically, emotionally, and economically. It matters to all of us and it matters very selfishly to me.

“Don’t just like the post, sign the petition. Governments and legislations still care about signatures and I don’t think they care about a viral social media post. Without self-judgment, look at your consumer habits and ask questions on what you need and if there are alternatives. Don’t approach it with an all-or-nothing mentality, just start somewhere and be open to learning. Very simple things are having a keep cup, a reusable water bottle, asking for no straw in your drinks, and buying things that last. Approach all of this with positivity.”

Roadtrip Playlist

These songs are perfect for when I’m facing challenges, going running, or need a singalong for a late-night drive.

Keep Your Head Up – Ben Howard

Only Love – Ben Howard

Love Is All I Got – Crystal Fighters

Ziggy Alberts will bring his new album Laps Around The Sun to Festival Hall, Melbourne on Friday 22 February and The Tivoli, Brisbane on Saturday 2 March. Tickets are on sale via

Ziggy Alberts

Laps Around The Sun tour

  • Festival Hall, Melbourne
  • The Tivoli, Brisbane

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