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New music recommendations for August

Your essential monthly playlist is in!

It seems like our new music recommendations just keep getting better, so we’d better keeping ’em coming.

Our music fans across Ticketmaster have some absolute gems for you this month, so just kick back and get those headphones on to discover your new faves right here.

Why we’re loving these new tunes: 

Nobody by Mitski

In this electronically-driven single, Mitski cuts the incongruous figure of a troubadour at the disco. Over the course of two fantastic albums, Mitski has left an indelible mark on the indie-rock blueprint, crafting music imbued with humility, hope, and heartbreak. Best enjoyed alone in a darkened room with close friends, her music challenges you to confront the internal struggle for happiness and value in a crowded world – ultimately becoming an cathartic and personal narrative for the journey from adolescence to adulthood. Her third album, Be The Cowboy¸ will be released in late August. James

Woodcut by Golden  Features

Because who doesn’t like anything by Golden Features? Will defs be catching him at the Forum this monthKane

Drippy by IAMDDB

UK Songstress/rapper IAMDDB, brings a fresh new sound mixing an assorts of genres from trap and hip-hop to laid back jazz and R&B. Independently signed, she has free reign over her music creativity and she doesn’t disappoint. Drippy plays in different tempos and rhythms mixed with lyrics of sex, money and self-love. It’s a reminder of IAMDDB’s charismatic attitude and authentic honesty.  Shaideigh

Runaway by Earthlings

These guys are a new duo from Brisbane making some catchy electro grunge tunes. They recently completed their first lap of the country opening for the legendary Pendulum. Runaway is their second single with a really fun video to accompany it. I’m looking forward to seeing what they do next!  Fiona

Bikini by Caroline Rose

I’ve just discovered Caroline rose and needless to say I am OBSESSED. Her social commentary, especially on this track, is on point, making sure her sound is just refreshing. Can’t wait for record number two! Sian

Me and Michael by MGMT

This track is taken from MGMT’s recent album Little Dark Age released in February, which has been somewhat of a re-emergence for the alternative synth band. This song would fit right into the soundtrack from the movie Drive. If you have a friend named Michael, play this for them along with a powerpoint presentation of all the great times you’ve spent together. Mitch

Peach Jam by 88Rising 

Smooth and catchy as anything, this song is one that you’ll find yourself head-bopping along too. Highly recommend the tunes of 88Rising. Taliah

Don’t Trust Myself by Robinson

Robinsons latest single after monster hit Nothing to Regret is not what you’d expect. Don’t Trust Myself slows right down from the insanely upbeat Nothing to Regret but still gives you the breathy verses and catchy chorus that keep you interested in what she’ll do next. She continues to deliver ‘I’m going to be big soon’ vibes. Kane

Come Over by The Internet

My pick this month is the track Come Over by The Internet. It’s a standout single from their newly released album Hive Mind and one that’s been giving me good vibes for weeks. Nat

None Of You by Luboku

This is Luboku’s second instalment for 2018 – his latest single None Of You is a dark take on techno and a delicate ode to connection and loss. His heartfelt vocals fit perfectly between a mix of dreamy guitar arpeggios, R&B styled drum kicks and soft piano chords. And that voice… damn! Brandon

Give A Little by Maggie Rogers

The rising star hits it out of the park on this dance-worthy track. Ridiculously catchy and fun, this could easily become a summer anthem. Rebekah

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