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Tune Tales: Mura Masa’s top team-ups

At only 22 years old, UK electronic wunderkind has a collaboration list longer than his age. From huge pop anthems to carefree hip-hop cruisers, we've handpicked some of his best team-ups so far.

Mura Masa is making his way back to Australia for FOMO Festival this January, and will be taking over The Forum for a final headline sideshow while he’s here. While we wait for him to touch down, why don’t we check out some of his top-notch collaborations?

After gaining worldwide attention from labels and industry figureheads alike through a series of tracks he uploaded to Soundcloud, at just 16 years old Mura Masa was already being heralded for his genre-blending sound.

In the handful of years since Mura Masa has become one of the world’s biggest producers, and international artists from all genres and backgrounds are lining up to work with him.

We’re here to take a look at some of his biggest, and most interesting collaborations.

A$AP Rocky – Love$ick 

Is there really any other track we could launch this with? This one was originally recorded as an instrumental track on his debut EP Someday Somewhere before teaming up with A$AP Rocky for a vocal version. Love$ick (now with the added dollar sign) was the second single released off Mura Masa’s debut self-titled album back in 2016 and is still one of his biggest tracks. With it’s tropical-tinged beat, bouncy percussion, and catchy singalong chorus this was a readymade hit – A$AP Rocky just pulls it all together.

Bonzai – What If I Go? 

The drumbeat for this tune was the very first thing Mura Masa wrote for his self-titled debut album. This pop-infused sunshiney jam has an undeniable groove, and the additions of both steel drums and harps only add to the brilliance that Mura Masa shows as a producer and Bonzai’s gorgeous vocal floats and flutters over the beat.

Charli XCX – 1 Night

More stripped back and restrained than a lot of Mura Masa’s other tracks, on 1 Night Charli XCX is really left to shine. Once again that tropical vibe shines through thanks to steel drums, marimba and Mura Masa’s signature harps while Charli XCX’s nostalgia-tinged vocal will transport you back to summer’s long since passed.

Nao – Complicated

Teaming up with one of London’s brightest young stars, Mura Masa and electro-soul singer-songwriter Nao are a match made in musical heaven on Complicated. The pair first teamed up back in 2015 for a track called Firefly, but this time there’s the added help of Skrillex thrown in the mix. The producer pair once again show restraint – Skrillex only appearing through faint warped synths and distorted vocal cuts here and there – and it allows Nao’s glistening vocals to soar. It’s the perfect way to follow up a much-celebrated debut album, that’s for sure.

Christine and the Queens – Second To None

The addition of French pop sensation Christine and the Queens adds something completely new to Mura Masa’s catalogue. Even when her voice disappears into heavily manipulated stutters, it is still distinctively Chris. Here the Carribean sounds are turned down, with elements of grime and ’90s London rave culture taking the fore. Second To None was the final addition to Mura Masa’s debut album – recorded almost too late to make the cut – but it’s also one of its shining lights.

Damon Albarn – Blu

Gorillaz’s Damon Albarn brings a heavily auto-tuned, stripped-back slow-burner to Mura Masa’s debut album. Here harps float along more prominently than usual, ensuring this almost-ballad is ready-made for the late-night comedown. “I’ve managed to get Damon Albarn to sing a love song to my girlfriend,” is Mura Masa’s take away from this one. Glorious.

Octavian – Move Me

Octavian is already being touted as one of the shining lights we need to watch in 2019, and on Move Me he shows exactly why. Driven by a heavy bassline, Octavian’s mellow flow and nonchalant delivery perfectly balance out Mura Masa’s grooving beat. It’s less of a dancefloor banger and more of a slow-groover. Either way, it’ll definitely have you moving.

HAIM – Walking Away

While technically not a collab, we just couldn’t finish this post without including Mura Masa’s remix of HAIM’s Walking Away. Already one of Something To Tell You’s best cuts, in Mura Masa’s hands this slow burner is taken straight into the club. While the main vocal is still relatively intact, it’s the production behind it that transforms Walking Away into something entirely new.

Mura Masa will perform at FOMO Festival, coming to Brisbane’s Riverstage on Saturday 5 January, before taking over The Forum, Melbourne on Monday 14 January. Tickets are available via

Mura Masa

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