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Are these the best Belle and Sebastian tracks? (Yep)

Somehow we've whittled it down to just 12 tracks but it wasn't easy...

Belle and Sebastian are a staple in almost any indie fan’s music collection. Staying relevant since 1996 is no easy business but the lovable Scots just seem to have nailed it. They’re heading our way next month so we thought we’d celebrate by compiling our favourite tracks, and well we’ve given in a good crack.

I’m a Cuckoo

Pretty much a fan favourite, I’m a Cuckoo shows off the band’s songwriting genius by merging slightly melancholy lyrics with a happy tune. Plus fun fact: The Avalanches did an awesome remix of this in 2009. That one just missed our list so go and check it out.

Funny Little Frog

This is just one of the happiest Belle and Sebastian tracks going. You can’t help but grab a loved one and dance around the living room when this song is playing.

Like Dylan In The Movies

The instrumentals in the middle of the track, along with quirky lyrics throughout, is why this one made our list. The strings are just so, so good.

Nobody’s Empire

Anyone else mimed playing hardcore piano to this one? This song has so many layers, it’s just so special. Especially when the gospel style hits at the end.

Best Friend

Our fave from the new How To Solve Our Human Problems series. With beautiful vocals courtesy of guest Carla Easton, backed by Murdoch, this song packs a punch with a vintage vibe.

Piazza, New York Catcher.

A gorgeous acoustic one from the gang which featured on the Juno soundtrack. The lyrics are unique and memorable which is why many love this one.

Lazy Painter Jane

Another track with a guest vocalist made our list, this time it’s Monica Queen featuring. This is one of the band’s earlier tracks that was apparently recorded in a church hall.

The Boy With the Arab Strap.

 Arguably the band’s most iconic track. It’s mentioned in the opening scene of indie movie 500 Days of Summer, which sparked interest in the band from younger fans. How could this one not be in our list?

Get Me Away From Here, I’m Dying

Another example of where the band pair lyrics about a mundane life with an uplifting melody. The story in this song is definitely the reason why it features.

Me And The Major

This song has this Wild West runaway train type vibe with a super fast melody. It’s cool, it’s quirky and it’s got a story.

Stay Loose

6 minutes and 41 seconds of pure gold. This progressive track almost feels Bowie-esque with a synthy undertone, and how could we forget that epic electric guitar solo in the middle?

*Bonus track*

Here Comes the Sun – Live in Belfast 2001

This one just makes us smile. A beautiful cover of an iconic song with the standard Stuart Murdoch banter we always look forward to before a Belle and Sebastian gig. That accent though….😍

Now check out the playlist:

Belle and Sebastian

  • Palais Theatre, Melbourne
  • The Tivoli, Brisbane

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